“Bespoke” and “Handcrafted” have become two of the most misused terms in modern-day fashion (and in marketing altogether). But the menswear Yen creates is the epitome of both.

Working in close consultation with every client, Yen may devote up to 100 hours toward completing a suit, most of it constructed by hand — to ensure the best possible fit, peerless durability, and a true one-of-a-kind end product.

Bespoke Service Includes

– Meet one-on-one with Yen, at the client’s location of choice, to take measurements and style the garment. Hundreds of combinations of cloth and special details are available.

– Meet for a fitting after the first stage of construction. Any necessary alternations will be made, and the garment will then be taken apart and prepared for a second fitting.

– Meet for the second fitting, at which time further adjustments and customizations may be determined. A third fitting may be required before the final product is delivered.

The process, from consultation to final fitting, is approximately 8 weeks. While this is a longer turnaround period than at retail outlets and most tailor shops, it is the “price” of true traditional tailoring and absolutely no corner-cutting. These garments are made to last a lifetime and to look like no other.

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